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2019-20 Executive Board Meeting Dates
Aug 4, 2019 11:35 AM

The District IV Executive Board meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 10am at Spiffy's Restaurant.

September 19th

October 17th

November 21st

December 19th

January 16th

February 20th

March 19th

April 16th

May 21st

August 2nd

District IV Scholarship Winners
Aug 4, 2019 10:51 AM

2019 Scholarship Winners

4A Greater St. Helens League

Shane Jamison, Camas High School

Isaiah Sampson, Camas High School

3A Greater St. Helens League

Mallory Williams, Prairie High School

Thomas Hapgood, Prairie High School

2A Evergreen Conference

2A Greater St. Helens League

Alicia Wallingford, Columbia River High School

Katelynn Aldridge, Hockinson High School

Madison Pond, Mark Morris High School

Eastyn Reeves, R.A. Long High School

1A Evergreen League

Eden Cisneros, Forks High School

Molly Johnston, Elma High School

1A Trico League

Preston Lowery, Stevenson High School

Megan Keeling, Castle Rock High School

2B Central League

Casey Wentz, Toutle Lake High School

Macie Elliott,Wahkiakum High School

Hayden Farbo, Toledo High School

Logan Grabenhorst, Toutle Lake High School

2B Pacific League

Daniel Quinby, Ocosta High School

Jessica Sanchez, South Bend HS


Cole Dorman, Naselle High School

Kaylee Sowle, Mary M. Knight High School

2018 Scholarship Winners

4A Greater St. Helens League

Claire Bauer, Camas HS

Irina Bejan, Heritage HS

Robert Miller, Heritage HS

Sanjeet Singh, Heritage HS

3A Greater St. Helens League

Aaron Hoggatt, Kelso HS

Olivia Hood, Mountain View HS

Calaysia Prince, Hudson's Bay HS

2A Evergreen Conference

Nole Wollan, WF West HS

2A Greater St. Helens League

1A Evergreen League

1A Trico League

Whitney Seter, LaCenter HS

2B Central League

Margaret Howsden, Winlock HS

Mollie Olson, Napavine HS

Jenikka Poppe, Adna HS

Ryan Shepherd, Pe Ell HS

Camden Swanson, Toutle Lake HS

Cody Young, Adna HS

2B Pacific League

Zach Allton, Ocosta HS

Ruth Culhertson, NW Christian HS


Ian Frost, Mary M. Knight HS

Danielle Jones, Three Rivers Christian

2017 Scholarship Winners

4A Greater St. Helens League

Kaitlan Belocura, Heritage HS

Emily Fraser, Heritage HS

Talia Sampson, Camas HS

3A Greater St. Helens League

Ethan Mayers, Hudson's Bay HS

Kaitlyn Haase, Kelso HS

Emily Mathony, Hudson's Bay HS

2A Greater St. Helens League

Ryan Krout, Washougal HS

Tristan Thomas, Woodland HS

Erin Siegel, Ridgefield HS

Hannah Wicken, Mark Morris HS

1A Evergreen League

Jordan Spradlin, Montesano HS

1A Trico League

Karter Graves, Kings Way HS

Amy Frazier, Seton Catholic HS

2B Pacific League

1B Coastal

Ellie Chapman, Naselle HS

Shawqueen Parker, Mary M. Knight HS

2016 Scholarship Winners

4A Greater St. Helens League

Christina Lundy, Mountain View HS

3A Greater St. Helens League

Julia Hiatt, Kelso HS

Averie Freund, Kelso HS

2A Evergreen Conference

Melissa Zion, Centralia HS

Tessa Wollan, W.F. West HS

2A Greater St. Helens League

Sophia Niehaus, Hockinson HS

Kenya Byrnes, Woodland HS

Haley Phillips, Hockinson HS

Hayden Huddleston, Woodland HS

Allyson Meyers, Mark Morris HS

1A Evergreen League

Courtney Baird, Rochester HS

Logan Truax, Montesano HS

1A Trico League

2B Pacific League

Trevor Cook, Willapa Valley HS

Emily Takagi, North Beach HS

2015 Scholarship Winners

2A Evergreen Conference

Macoy Gronseth, Centralia HS

Ryann Chamberlain, Centralia HS

1A Evergreen League

Javier Contreras, Forks HS

Brooke Peterson, Forks HS

1A Trico League

Alex Firl, La Center HS

Emily Dick, Kings Way Christian HS

2B Pacific League

Emily Sanchez, South Bend HS

Luke Anderson, Ocosta HS

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